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Epic Ride Weather

“Epic Ride Weather provides personalized weather forecasts that take into account your speed and location, combining multiple forecasts to give you a precise projection of weather for the duration of your ride.” Epic Ride Weather is another cycling-related app I don't want to miss anymore. Want to know if it will rain during your ride, when, and where? This app is for you! Love it. In addition, you can plan your route to tackle the wind or not, depending on your mood.


“HealthFit is the go-to for Apple Watch reviewers. If you love working out with Apple Watch, but you need more advanced fitness stats, HealthFit is for you.” HealthFit is somehow the native iOS version of Veloviewer but for all kinds of sports you can track with your Apple Watch. You get great insights and statistics. In addition, you can import and export .gpx and .fit files. It's just my go-to app for everything Apple's Fitness app can't do. (If you're still not convinced and are looking for something similar, look at RunGap.)